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CTR Press Reports 2020:








February 2020:










February 5-6, 2020:







Learning Technologies 


















Learning Technologies event was the premier gathering for discussing the latest challenges in Human Resources and workplace learning. About 8000 attendees mainly professionals and educators in Human Resources and workplace learning from around the globe gathered to learn and discuss the latest in the industry. They include learning and development managers, E learning directors, IT managers, chief learning officers and talent management directors.

There was a variety of sessions, workshops and live demonstrations about digital learning strategies and challenges. The presenters and the panels talked about different aspects of learning technologies innovations and the exhibitors showcased their latest products. The speaker discussing E Learning within large companies talked about the real time experiences of companies including customized content, feedbacks from virtual reality users, cognitive science and AI in various digital learning projects.

The panels discussed the latest policies of E Learning in different countries, collaborative learning, talent management and case studies. The speaker discussed the international management of Human Resources and digital innovations.

The fundamentals of management and practical skills for human resource management innovations, how to work with new generation of digital learning, neuroscience and digital learning were discussed. The speaker talked about pedagogical aspects of learning technologies and how cognitive psychology and neuroscience help us to understand the human education character and challenges.

The keynote speaker discussed the current changes of technology landscape and the ways these changes shape the digital learning functions. He said: “Emerging technologies have the potential to disrupt the digital learning process.” He pointed out that we should be prepared to stay ahead of technology curve. The next speaker discussed the effective ways of learning in a digital world.

















January 2020:



















January 19-21, 2020:








Winter Fancy Food Show 2020








San Francisco 








Winter Fancy Food Show 2020 had an interesting series of educational sessions about Food and Genomics, how the Mediterranean diet in the long term can change DNA, scientific consensus on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for health and the Mediterranean diet as a strategy for sustainable food in the future.

Following the Mediterranean diet help us to live longer and healthier life. According to the researchers avoiding processed foods and eating natural and fresh products protect our DNA from damage. Professor De Vivo mentioned that the Mediterranean diet resulting in longer telomeres that is a biomarker of aging at the end of each chromosome.

According to the researchers, everyone is unique in how their body using different minerals and proteins. Each person’s genetic variants reacts differently to the different diets. Humans have about 26,000 genes in each cell and scientists are looking for the best way to control them; epigenetics explains the ways changes in genes can occur without changes in DNA. The food that we eat can influence our genes and nutrigenomics researchers believe that the types of food we consume can activate or deactivate certain genes; it is like the regular exercising that activates the genes for strength.The genes are constantly turning on or off as the result of biochemical signals from the body. Eating certain foods can change the patters on some of the genes that directly affects our health. Epigenetics researchers study the ways that external factors such as the diet type can alter our DNA.

In the exhibition hall, representatives from different companies from around the world presenting the samples of their products. The focus was promoting high quality agricultural products. One representative from Italy described the tomatoes ripening in the Mediterranean sun as such: “it is a bit like a mother: always there for you, giving joy and happiness, bringing comfort and reassurance and doing you good.”

According to the Terre Exotique representative, there will be an international pepper festival in Saint Cyr sur Loire, Loire Valley, France, June 20th-21st 2020. 

TrainaFoods is a family owned business growing, producing and packing sun dried fruit in California. St Michel presenting the highest quality French cookies since 1905.

Food education is very important for the healthy living: learning about food and food issues. Food is one the most interesting topic because it opens doors to our well-being and awareness of the food cultures in a variety of places around the world. The awareness of the hazards of processed, junk, GMO and unnatural foods help us to create a healthy and confident generations that appreciate healthy lifestyle throughout their lives. (C)CTR Press




















January 5-8, 2020:






Convening Leaders 2020







San Francisco 













Convening Leaders was a premier event for the meetings and business events industry. It was organized by PCMA that was founded in 1957. The PCMA Foundation was established in 1985. Its goal was supporting the mission of PCMA through research, education, scholarships and critical projects for planning for the future of business events industry.

The speakers in a variety of sessions discussed the challenges in the business events industry and the future of this industry. The speakers talked about the power of personalization, how to create a psychologically safe workplace, how to design from the ground up, how to increase the sale leads, using behavioral science to increase engagement in the workplace, how meeting industry is working with the influencers, human trafficking disaster, Impression management, and building leadership in the meeting industry.

The speaker discussing Psychologically safe workplace talked about how to encounter the Changing social context and increasing pressure. She emphasized the emotional elements in the workplace environment involving Employers, employees and consumers. She asked this question: “Why are we so divided?” Then she continued: “Lack of awareness, fear of mistakes, lack of accountability and lack of trust in the workplace.” The speaker pointed out the need for changing how the employees look at each other in the workplace. She said: “Don’t look at them as the coworker or boss, just look at them as people.” Then the speaker discussed the Interpersonal risk taking and psychological safety and Mutual respect.” The presenter mentioned this quote by Amy Edmondson: “People should be comfortable being themselves.” Discussing the workplace environment she mentioned that 87% of employees are distracted reading the social media posts and 46% reported worsening in the workplace relationships since 2016.

The next speaker talking about the wellbeing in the workplace talked about eight dimensions of the wellbeing: physical, mental, financial, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental and careers. She mentioned that very young people in the corporations and tech industry earn lots of money but they don’t know what to do with it.

Theresa, a Human trafficking survivor talked about her shockingly horrible experience as a victim of human trafficking at the early age of 15. She said: “95 percent of trafficking happens in the hotels.” She added: “Traffickers use events and hotels as opportunities to make money. We have eyes on the ground.” She mentioned that 62% of victims were tricked, 35% blamed the family members and 3% were kidnapped. There was a discussion about what can be done and many blamed “Johns”, the buyers and thought that the buyers must be punished.

The next speaker in the event strategy and design studio talked about Personas : behavior, attitude and motivation. He discussed Designing innovations and education and the audience’s behavior. He talked about eliminating and including different factors in creating personas. He said: “Time has changed and expectations have been changed too.”


The next presenter, an innovation consultant mentioned that only 11% of marketers set aside a specific budget for marketing innovation efforts. He said: “ As an innovation consultant, I do not do business with China.” In the exhibition areas, the attendees discussed the platform for business events strategists and their business partners. They talked about their professional cases and experiences during networking hours. (C)CTR Press 
















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