Press Reports 2023

CTR Press Reports 2023:

February 2023:

January 30- February 1, 2023:

The Media Insights Conference 2023

San Diego, California 

The Media Insights Conference’s goal is uniting the industry for navigating the contents and discussing new challenges and opportunities for the insightful decision making. The conference participants were mainly the executives and experts from the leading media companies.

The keynote speaker discussed how to turn the chaos into an opportunity. He talked about the post pandemic period and the lessons learned from the most recent pandemic and the early twentieth century pandemics. The speaker emphasized on the business lessons and discovering new opportunities in various difficult situations. He explained the new world order, following a new path and discovering the true window of opportunities after passing through pandemic period. The speaker pointed out that new innovations and strategic shifts are the areas that emerging from the crises. 

The next keynote speaker too talked about the post Covid times. The presenter discussed consumers’ new habits and expectations and how they affect the current business models and opening new doors of opportunity. 

The next presenter pointed out that “over the air” TV is a segment that is overlooked in both local and national levels. The next panel discussed TV series of the 21st century. They emphasized the strategies and insights that can make a difference: the insights that can help the programs stand out in the crowded marketplace. “The globalization of tastes and desires for local consumption.”

During the question and answer session, the current and future shifts in consumer behaviors and the current challenges of cross platform measurement were discussed. In the next session, the focus was on the process of evolving business models of the Cable and Satellite Communications. The compare and contrast between traditional corded subscribers and the current cordless ones were made. 

The next speaker analyzed the data driven culture in the media. The presenter talked about AI powered consumer insights and its potential benefits and discussed some case studies. He pointed out that monetization of the content and new revenues can have significant impact on the future innovations. 

As Harvard University researchers pointed out the digital age has disrupted the media ecosystem and as the result have facilitated the access to a variety of information. Currently the tech giants focus on building the infrastructure for the users generated contents. Nowadays we witness that digital information stream is not exclusively originated from the traditional newsrooms but from bloggers, influencers, or columnists on Substack or even messages generated by TikTok videos. No doubt there is chaos and sometimes there are serious reliability issues. But the concept can vary according to each person’s perspective; some point of views see liberating elements in each chaos. (C) CTR Press 

January 2023:

Museo Lapidario Estense

Modena, Italy

Museo Lapidario Estense is the crown jewel of museums in Modena, Italy. It was founded by Duke Francesco IV as the first public museum in Modena in 1828. The museum collections are unique and includes Roman artifacts, memorial stones and tombs, and some rare paintings and statues. After the unification of Italy, the museum acquired more space and artifacts. This cultural institution is a must-visit destination for all who deeply appreciate cultural heritages. 

During the fifteenth century, the innovations of Renaissance appeared in Modena. Bianchi Ferrari was the most important artist in Modena during the fifteenth century. He is cherished as “a perfect painter and a good man”. The following transferred fresco is attributed to Ferrari. 

The museum’s visitors have a chance to view the following masterpiece by Dosso Dossi. It was painted in 1518 and depicts Madonna and Child with Saints George and the Archangel Michael. This beautiful and rare painting with extraordinary combination of colors and lights conveying the message from the artist to the viewers of the painting. “This altarpiece strikes a balance between Venetian and Tuscan – Roman paintings.” Dossi was an Italian Renaissance artist who belonged to the School of Ferrara. He often painted mythological figures with dreamlike ambiance of colors and perspective. 

A fascinating painting by Leonello Spada, called The Fortune Teller attracts the attention of visitors. Spada painted it in 1616. He was influenced by Caravaggio’s style. It portrays an elegant man who ignores his friend’s advice and accepts his hand to be read by a fortune teller. The fortune teller’s son robs him while he is occupied by the process of fortune telling. Spada used the wit and techniques that was Caravaggio’s style and created this interesting painting.

One of Guido Reni’s masterpieces, The Crucified Christ, painted in 1636 is on display. Guido Reni was one of the most prominent painters in Italy who used to paint religious, allegorical and mythological figures. He was very popular worldwide especially in France; Stendhal used to say that Reni must have had “a French soul”. Many French painters were influenced by his style and his rare talent in portraying the characters with the extraordinary eye expressions.

The museum’s visitors have an opportunity to view a variety of rare artifacts. The ambiance is very pleasant and the artifacts are arranged with taste and precision. There are sufficient information about most of the art pieces in two languages: Italian and English. The background information about the specific century that the artifacts were created, the origin and the journey of each piece is very useful and educational for the enthusiastic visitors. (C)CTR Press