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Press Reports 2022:















                         May 2022:












May 10- 20, 2022





Florence Museums & Exhibitions






Galileo Galilei Museum


Donatello in Palazzo Strozzi







Florence, Italy






















The Museo Galileo has exceptional collections of scientific instruments that goes back to Medici family collections in the 16th century. In the 19th century, the architect Martelli arranged a statue of Galileo surrounded by frescoes to illustrate his discoveries. In 1929, most Italian institutions took part in the National Exhibition of the History of Science. The bombings at the end of the Second World War and 1966 Flood destroyed many collections. The current name of Museo Galileo was adopted in 2010 and it became a center for research and study.


Galileo was an Italian astronomer and scientist. He is called the father of observational astronomy. He championed the Earth rotation and its revolving around the sun and like almost all the great men who think ahead of their time, Galileo in 1615 faced inquisition and spent rest of his life under house arrest. He is buried in Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence. Galileo observed the Milky Way. He has been admired by the scientific community. Galileo was one of the first thinkers who defended the idea that law of nature is mathematical. Once he said the universe and philosophy are written in mathematical language. Albert Einstein called Galileo, the father of modern science.

In 1609 the telescopic explorations by Galileo was sensational. These discoveries fundamentally changed the image of the universe that was held for thousands of years. Galileo admired Archimedes and his geometrical methods in dealing with physical problems. The visitors of the museum take the journey to the 16th & 17th centuries and learn a lot about science, astronomy, history and human nature. There were special tours for the kids to learn about astronomy in basic level and the kids were asking interesting questions about the scientific instruments on the display in the exhibition.


In Palazzo Strozzi, the visitors have the opportunity to view hundred masterpieces by Donatello. The masterpieces on display have been borrowed from a variety of museums and art galleries both nationally and internationally such as the Musée du Louvre in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Donatello was a talented sculptor from Florence in the Renaissance period. He worked with stone, marble, wood, bronze and clay. He created the notable statues for the campanile of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence which is known as Duomo. His bronze statue “David” was commissioned by Cosimo de Medici for the Palazzo Medici.

In Donatello masterpiece Virgin & Child, he adopts the special skills. The Child and Mary’s hands and heads are in the round and the arms are reduced to minimal. Donatello had a special talent of creating eyes and eye impressions. His sculpture of Hope and Faith are both strong and exceptional and the visitors were attracted to them; these works of art make visitors to think about life and human nature in special way and nothing else can replace its depth. (C)CTR Press























May 1-3, 2022





American Telemedicine Association Conference






Boston, MA











ATA annual conference is showcasing telehealth applications in healthcare. The physicians, scientists, medical experts, IT professionals and telehealth enthusiasts gather to discuss practical applications of Telehealth.






The speakers discussed a variety aspects of telehealth such as: legal issues of Telehealth, the privacy issues and regulatory considerations, the global health partnerships in Telehealth, FDA regulations on digital health, the future of Telehealth, setting standards for digital health, qualitative and quantitative data in Telehealth, Covid pandemic impacts on digital health systems, patient care issues and preventive measures, regulatory changes during pandemic, advancing health care strategies in Telehealth, real time diagnosis, Telehealth in rural and urban areas, compare and contrast, does Telehealth really work?, comparing in person visits to telemedicine practices, language interpretation in Telehealth consultation, virtual care VS in person care, expanding ED access to behavioral specialists, traditional care VS virtual health care, the hidden and increasing costs of telemedicine, the shift from disease centric to human centric, environmental impacts of Telehealth, insurance in telemedicine, and patient satisfaction in telemedicine.



Experts define Telehealth as giving and receiving health services and information via information technologies. It makes possible the long distance interactions between patients and medical professionals. It has been proved to be an effective practice for the remote and restricted areas. Covid pandemic increased Telehealth uses. But there is a huge concern over privacy issues and trust issues. For some patients this question arises about the reliability of the medical staff they are connecting through phone calls and video links.


Healthcare costs over 3 trillion dollars a year in the US. The advocate for telemedicine believe that Telehealth can save the cost of the waiting and commuting for the patients. But the critics believe that it decreases the standard of the care and the doctor patients relationships would be robotic.

The panel discussing Telehealth policies argued that the choices policymakers in federal and state level make would have an enormous impact on patient care. They mentioned that 2020 was the year of “forced adoption of Telemedicine and 2021 was the year of making practical strategies for Telehealth. And 2022 will be the year of expanding the remote and virtual interaction between the physicians and the patients.


The next speaker talked about creating the home environment in the hospital by telemedicine and teaching the healthcare professionals to adopt effectively to the latest procedures. He pointed out that a hybrid care strategy is needed to meet the requirements of the patients.


The presenter who discussed the venture capital funding for Telehealth mentioned a new record of $18 billion in capital funding requires the considerable improvement in practice standards. She added that the digital health companies should adopt the strategy that meets the regulatory requirements.


The critics of Telehealth argue that the remote and digital visit by the doctors is not suitable for all the types of visits. For a test the patients still have to travel to the healthcare clinics. They are also worried about the privacy issues of digital healthcare. The insurance companies are reluctant to cover all the costs of Telehealth. In case of the mental patients and their demands, telemedicine lacks the effectiveness. Telemedicine that delivers healthcare services through technology use and remotely can be efficient for the remote areas, but considering the potential mistakes in diagnosis, prescription and the care process even when the physicians and the patients are in the same place, there are some doubts about virtual Telehealth practice to be accurate and being carried out efficiently. (C)CTR Press























April 2022:












April 5-7, 2022






DesignCon 2022






Santa Clara, California









DesignCon is a premier system design conference that offers engineering education in the Silicon Valley. The conference covered all aspects of electronic designing and high speed communication. Hundred sessions in 14 tracks covered a variety of topics and discussions and gathered many engineers, software developers, academics, IT professionals and enthusiasts to discuss the latest in the industry.


There was a variety of topics and discussions such as: high-speed link design, machine learning, optimization for supply chain challenges, acceleration APIS for graphics and compute, digital transformation frameworks for automotive applications, modeling for power integrity simulations, VNA calibration, new system opportunities with OSFP, the latest in data labeling, structuring the data, open source and debugging and the latest in system designing, and securing automotive semiconductor in the newly centralized car architecture.


Some anticipations have been made on the size of the global technology markets in the future: $700 billion market for 5G by 2025, $1.3 trillion for IoT and $162 billion for cables and connections by 2025. Benjamin Cabé from Microsoft discussed his works in building a connected artificial nose using TinyML. He pointed out that his project is a complete  open source work. He gave an introduction about how making TinyML application in IoT. He discussed a variety of tools like Wokwi that comes with debugging support. The presenter explained the process of optimization for on-device machine learning and regarding privacy, he mentioned that no personal data leaves the device and there is no need for the internet connectivity and it is power efficient.


The speaker mentioned that a 13-year old from California recently contacted him regarding his artificial nose project. The talented kid had worked on fungal pneumonia for his science project in the school and his research led him to further study in organic compound concentrations in human breath that can be correlated to metabolic processes in human body. He was very impressed by the enthusiasm of this talented kid who finally invented an AI powered breath analyzer that can detect the fungal pneumonia in someone’s breath.


Open source is source code that allows modifiers to modify and redistribute the code.     The open source model encourages the open collaboration. Supporting an open source and dealing with its issues and reporting the bugs are the essential elements of collaboration in open source systems. There are programs that stop working after updating. Seeking the patterns in the process of debugging is essential.

Christian Kurzke and Corey Minyard from MontaVista Linux discussed how to use open source to build safe and secure systems. They emphasized the process of securing update systems. The speaker pointed out that the recent update has the ability to detect the bug and the attackers. He explained how to mitigate the attacks and how to debug the systems. They discussed the common misunderstandings in open source such as the claim that it is free. They pointed out that there are legally binding licenses, but when the code is modified, there will be a new owner! The speaker mentioned that open source should be maintained. The presenter pointed out that there are bugs in any code. (C)CTR Press


























March 2022:











MWC Barcelona 2022

Mobile World Congress 









February 28- March 3, 2022








Barcelona, Spain 










MWC is considered one of the largest connectivity events in the world. This year the speakers, experts, tech professionals, engineers and software developers from 190 countries attending the events. They gathered to discuss the latest in fintech manufacturing, cloudnet, 5G, AI, future of internet of everything, tech horizon, smart mobility industries and cross-industry collaboration.



The speakers discussed the increasing connectivity and the endeavor of digitalization of almost everything. They focused on innovative methods for achieving a digital future. The panel discussing 5G pointed out that in less than three years 5G networks could cover one third of the population in the world. The speaker described interoperability as the heart of connected 5 G world. He talked about its usage in aviation, manufacturing and healthcare industry. The speaker said: “6G is the future.”

The next speaker talked about sustainability and partnerships. She emphasized the need for reducing the costs, increasing ROI and providing solutions for the world needs. The presenter pointed out that partnership is “the only way forward.”

The panel discussing AI called it the main “driver of the fourth industrial revolution”. They estimate that the AI global investment could reach $200 billion. The speaker talked about geopolitical aspects of AI , data and quantum computing. He said that networks continuing adaptation and supporting the services. “Cloud migration can create a new blueprint for the future.”


Managing critical technology systems, the digital systems and building fintech businesses with new assets were discussed. The speaker pointed out that tech connectivity is reducing the global barriers and increasing the innovation and disruptions. He talked about NFTs and blockchain role in the mobile eco system.

The speaker talking about the Internet of Things mentioned that 50 billion devices providing new means to transform physical spaces and our homes. He discussed the roles of drones and smart cities in supporting the effort of integrating them into our lives. “The new tech horizon inspirations the next generation to reinvent.”

Crypto innovation has attracted more investors especially now that seems the crypto market has become more mainstream. But still the founders of crypto start up, engineers and investors insisting on anonymity. There are many venture capital companies that are investing the start ups without ever knowing the name of the people involved! Blockchain provides a public record of the transactions and enabling  the qualifications to be checked. Increasingly the tech jobs applicant who are involved in crypto refusing to disclose their real names even during the job interviews!


Some wants to keep their privacy , and other who are afraid of creating the attention while they are making huge money, fearing that it could make them a target for hackers. The measures they take to remain anonymous goes extreme in such way that some uses voice altering software during the phone calls and blurring their image during video conferencing. Last year an anonymous founder of a crypto raised $70 million in five hours! And the investors supported his project without knowing who he is. Critics expressing their concerns over lack of auditing and extreme anonymity of the people involving in crypto. (C)CTR Press 




























February 2022:










Developer Week & Cloud World 2022





February 7-9, 2022:






San Francisco, California 











Developer Week and Cloud World conference gathered digitally the technical leaders and experts in the cloud computing and software development industry together with cloud architects, engineers, developers and tech enthusiasts to discuss the global cloud computing economy and the latest in software development.



They talked about cloud security, enterprise integration, cloud management, software development challenges and serverless computing. The panel welcomed the launch of the first cloud risk encyclopedia for educating the learners how to practice the cloud security. The panel discussed the cloud risks and the remediation strategies. The speaker pointed out that multi cloud complexities and lack of enough cloud security experts have created problems in adopting cloud services. He added that cloud management tools can provide solutions for the ongoing challenges.


The next presenter mentioned that cloud management can be described as combination of policies, automation and softwares. She emphasized the importance of data analysis by the existing professionals and experts in order to provide market information for developers. She discussed public cloud environment’s servers, storage and data centers.


The process of purchasing cloud services through a console interface on a per transaction basis and how the customers charged were explained. The next panel discussed serverless as the cloud execution model that is more cost effective for operating cloud applications. The speaker explained how it offloading the management responsibilities for cloud infrastructure. He added that the developers would have more time for optimization of their application codes.


The speaker discussing enterprise integration mentioned that as a technical field for enterprise architecture the focus would be on system interconnection and distributed computing. She discussed CIM: computer integrated manufacturing for integration of the operations.

The privacy issues in the cloud services is the topic that needs more attention. The cloud service providers must ensure the data protections and block the unauthorized access; but the main question is: do they do it? Personal data is defined as any information that relates to an individual such as name, address, email, current location, IP address, social security number and medical data. Under European GDPR and Californian CCPA , the individuals have the right to enquire what personal data is collected by the companies and the involved companies need to comply with the request. Privacy activists have expressed their concerns over the data collected by the third-party processors. Cloud security controls requiring coordination with cloud service providers in order to block unauthorized access to data. But still there is considerable concerns over data privacy law and its implementation. (C)CTR Press






















January 2022:









Technology Innovations Conference





January 4-7, 2022





Nevada , USA







CES as the global stage for innovation gathering manufacturers and developers of technology hardware, business leaders and suppliers together to discuss the latest challenges and innovations in 5G technology, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, blockchain, cloud data, cybersecurity, fintech, IoT, robotics and privacy issues.

The speaker discussing 5G innovations, talked about untethered AR and VR. He pointed out that as the result of pandemic, people spending more time at their home and there has been considerable increase in digital communications. But he didn’t discuss the recent request by the transportation officials to the main 5G providers companies for the delay of new 5G services because of the serious risk to the flight safety. Recently Aviation regulators expressed their concern over 5G 3.7 GHz frequency bands and the possible interference with the altimeters.


The panel who talked about cryptocurrency introduced  the latest software solutions for a secure infrastructure. They discussed disruptive financial technologies and the security of its ecosystems. Recently a blockchain infrastructure company announced that it would pay the dividend in bitcoins, dubbed the “Bividend” ; if the shareholders decide to accept the so called “Bividend”, they would have the responsibility of providing their own bitcoin wallet that is not an easy task.

The next presenter discussed NFTs and the decentralized digital ledgers of transactions. She explained the latest challenges and how the experts working on necessary infrastructure to address the adoption concerns. The speaker who talked about weight watchers using technology for inspiring healthy habits emphasized the creating of ecosystem for wellness.


The panel talking about technology and reshaping travel industry discussed the processes of customizing the traveling by AR and VR and the latest in AI. They pointed out that redefined tourism should be the goal by leveraging technology in travel industry.

And privacy is viewed differently by each user: the factors involved are age, geography, sensitivity, education, and social backgrounds. But they all have one thing in common; if they think their privacy has been violated, they feel anger. Some  technology companies have announced that they use anonymous approach for data collection by advertisers. But the privacy activists concern about the fact that the process of user’s data sharing has become a norm. (C)CTR Press









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